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Biofibre Hair Implant

men/women, 20-30, 35-50, 40+

Biofibre hair implantThe only place in Slovakia to bring you Biofibre hair implants. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure where naturally looking, thick hair can be quickly and safely achieved with immediate aesthetic results. This is the optimal solution to male and female pattern baldness (alopecia) at any age and stage.




  • Suitable for all types of male and female alopecia (baldness)

  • Thickened hair

  • Complements other treatment options for male and female pattern baldness

  • Appropriate for patients requiring an immediate aesthetic result


What is Biofibre?


Biofibre hairs are made of a biocompatible material which is soft, flexible and durable. They are available in 13 colors, at lengths ranging from 15-45 cm and in three different versions (straight, wavy and curly). All this guarantees a perfect aesthetic result.


How does the procedure itself work?


Biofibre CE 0373 - TGA is minimally invasive aesthetic surgery conducted outside of a hospital.
The result is immediately visible after the procedure.
The procedure takes place under local anesthesia. Individual hairs are gradually implanted in the affected area (thinning hair or bald) until the desired aesthetic result is achieved. Before the actual surgical procedure, it is very important to consult with a doctor, where the patient selects hair color, length and shape (straight, wavy or curly). After the procedure, the patient is immediately able to resume a normal social life. The aesthetic effect of Biofibre hair is very natural, and no scar remains after surgery.


Is the method safe?


Clinical and histological studies have confirmed the high quality and safety of Biofibre hair. The hairs are highly biocompatible and have optimum resistance to chemical, mechanical and physical agents, allowing satisfying and long-lasting results to be achieved.




Biofibre Hair Implant is a simple and effective method that is adequate for dealing with alopecia (baldness) at any age and stage, with immediate aesthetic results.




  • Natural aesthetic results

  • Minimal pain

  • Fast

  • Large number of hair implanted in a short time

  • Patient safety

  • Can return to an active life immediately after the implant


Implants of Biofibre Medicap biocompatible synthetic hair (Biofibre and Medicap High Density) can only be performed by qualified doctors at specialized dermatological, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine clinics, guaranteeing excellent results and satisfied patients worldwide. To date the only doctors in Slovakia that are licensed and certified for this procedure are Lucia Podhorová, MD and Michaela Duchoňová, PhD from Dermarevolta.

From 3,000.00 EUR

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sonia pos
ns 4a after 1000 biofibre
ns 3 before
ns 3 after 800 biofibre
ns 2 before
ns 2 after 1000 biofibre
ns 1 before
ns 1 after 700 Biofibre
4 case - before
4 case  - after 4

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