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Combating Hair Loss

men/women 20-30, 35-50, 40+, 50+



INNO-TDS HAIR LOSS CONTROL is a very effective product that supports hair growth and prevents loss of hair. Copper peptides improve hair microcirculation and prevent formation of 5-alpha reductases, DHT (dihydrotestosterone) activating enzymes which are responsible for hair loss. Inno TDS Hair Loss Control thickens hair and delivers necessary nutritional supplements to hair roots. Active ingredients act on the hair roots to strengthen hair health and extend the anagen or growth phase in the hair cycle.


What are the indications?

  • Hair loss

  • Weakening hair

  • Promoting hair growth


How does the procedure work?


A doctor uses mesotherapy - intradermal injections with small thin needles - to administer an effective solution in the scalp area.


How many sessions need to be completed? 

The standard recommendation is 8 sessions with a week interval between them, with a further session once per month to maintain results.

50.00 EUR

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