Hair mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is one of the options for treating hair loss and promoting hair growth. The biggest advantage of this therapy is the ability to inject active substances directly into the depth of the scalp. Since the hair follicles are hidden deep within the skin, this way we can effectively stimulate them and supply them with the necessary nutrients to support and grow hair.

How does the treatment work?
A cocktail of vitamins, minerals, coenzymes, trace elements, peptides, antioxidants, amino acids and other active ingredients are injected into the scalp with fine fine needles. Their combination in the treatment solution prevents the formation of enzymes that cause hair loss. At the same time, this elixir stimulates the growth of new ones. In addition, we stimulate blood circulation at the site of application, which guarantees an optimal supply of nutrition for the hair and oxygenation of the hair follicles.

The application of hair mesotherapy is followed by a 10-minute LED therapy, during which you will rest under a therapeutic light targeted to the treatment area. It stimulates energy metabolism in the cells.

Will it hurt me? How should I prepare?
The treatment is generally not painful, our aim is to bring the greatest possible comfort to the patient during the procedure itself. We recommend getting enough sleep before treatment, coming to us in a good mood and discussing any concerns with the doctor prior to treatment to remove any negative stress.

What is important before the treatment itself?
Ideally, you should have an initial trichological examination in a hair clinic before starting hair mesotherapy treatment, during which the doctor will determine the exact cause of your problems and thus be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment for you.

Am I at risk of allergy when I apply it?
The healing solution is a unique complex of substances of non-animal origin, thereby significantly reducing the risk of allergies.

Is it necessary to repeat the treatment?
Yes, hair mesotherapy needs to be repeated for a noticeable effect. The number of treatments is individual. It depends on the extent of your hair loss. For hair mesotherapy treatment, intensive therapy at weekly intervals is recommended at the beginning, later on, depending on the results achieved, switching to bi-weekly to monthly intervals.

Does mesotherapy have side effects?
Rarely, redness and mild pain in the area of the injections may occur. These symptoms usually disappear within 24 hours of treatment.

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