Mechanical skin cleansing

In addition to the above methods, regular professional cosmetic care is also part of the care for problematic skin. At Dermarevolt, you can also rely on a professional with a medical background and medical cosmetics. Regular skin cleansing is an essential and necessary prerequisite for maintaining clear and healthy skin.

How can professional cosmetic cleansing help me?
In addition to honest daily home skin care, especially problematic skin requires professional beauty treatments at least once a month. The mainstay is deep mechanical cleansing. With this treatment, we can gently cleanse the skin in depth. In our cosmetic practice, we use products that are concentrated and effective.

Furthermore, the complementary LED therapy is effective due to the effect of light to a certain depth. In the treatment of acne, we most often use blue and red radiation. Again, we are returning to the now somewhat forgotten ozone therapy, which is, however, very effective, has an anti-inflammatory effect and perfectly disinfects the skin after treatment. Thanks to it, we suppress inflammatory processes. With these methods, we can achieve a long-term improvement in the appearance and condition of the skin.

Will using a serum containing acids help me against inflammatory processes?
We will also consult with you on home skin care and advise you on the selection of products suitable for your skin type and condition. Serum belongs to complementary care. It contains concentrated ingredients and significantly multiplies the effect of creams. Ingredients such as salicylic acid, azelaic acid, glycolic acid have anti-inflammatory effects. It is important to consult a professional about the right choice, as not every ingredient is suitable for a given type of acne and may even cause skin deterioration.

How to tighten enlarged pores?
The skin texture can be corrected by regular exfoliation. Dead cells are most often removed mechanically by peeling. It should be handled very carefully. If you already use a scrub, choose a gentle one with small particles and gently massage the skin with it. Definitely do not scrub. Chemical-based exfoliation belongs in the hands of an aesthetician, in high percentages in the hands of a doctor. Feel free to ask us during your treatment or consultation.

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