Removal of molluscs

Infectious molluscs. Do not catch! And quickly to the doctor!
Molluscum are highly contagious tiny pimples affecting mostly pediatric patients. They can be brought in from nurseries, playgroups or swimming pools. They itch very often, but it is by scratching that they are spread. However, adults are no exception. They do not disappear on their own, be careful!

Where did they come from?
Molluscum is transmitted by direct skin contact between a sick and healthy child or by contact with a contaminated object. In the case of adult patients, transmission is caused in most cases by sexual contact. They occur in the genital area or on the inner thighs. In children, most commonly on the trunk, limbs and in the folds.

Will they manifest immediately?
No, they don't make themselves known immediately. The virus takes up residence in the skin, where it multiplies. By the time they appear, from two weeks to several months can pass from infection. You will first notice them as tiny rashes in the colour of your skin. Gradually they grow to the size of peas. They often become inflamed, fester or hurt.

Isn't it enough to pierce them?
Be sure not to go to the trouble of removing them yourself. Pimples contain a whitish substance that is highly infectious. The dermatologist, after applying an anaesthetic cream, will remove the moles mechanically, with a surgical spoon. A doctor's visit and treatment is necessary to prevent spreading to other parts of the body and person, to stop itching, and also to prevent scarring after healing or other complications. Healing occurs after a week.

Will they come back?
If the moles were multiple, they may reappear even after they have been removed. In this case, the procedure of removing them must be repeated until they stop forming. It depends on the immunity, which also needs to be strengthened.

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