PB Serum

A biotechnological institute in Spain has taken care of the production of the revolutionary PB Serum, which solves a range of aesthetic problems such as wrinkles, acne, various pigmentations and also the removal of fat or cellulite.
The biggest advantage of PB Serums is their natural composition, which contains bio-active enzymes of non-animal origin, which are similar to the enzymes of our body. A suitable combination of enzymes can cope with many aesthetic problems.

The basic enzymes of PB Serum that we use and inject in Dermarevolt are:

  • lipase
  • Collagenase
  • hyaluronization
  • lift

Lipase (Slim+)
-preserves cell integrity
-has a pronounced lipolytic effect and reduces localized fat
-lipase is used for clients who need to get rid of cellulite or unwanted fat in the whole body area from the chin, arms, upper and lower abdomen, to thighs and calves

Collagenase (Smooth+)
-collagenase promotes collagen production and firms the skin
-supports skin surface renewal and has an anti-fibrotic effect
-its use is also recommended after the application of lipase, i.e. after the dissolution of fats
-collagenase is suitable for fibrous cellulite, fibrous cellulite, scars, stretch marks, or sagging skin

Hyaluronisation (Drain+)
-dissolves hyaluronic acid, for failed aesthetic procedures
-also dissolves scars
-proper repeated use can reduce the circumference of the thighs from 2.2cm up to 11cm

-PB Serum Lift+ is used for problems with significant skin laxity, lack of elasticity, or sagging skin, which it significantly firms
-rejuvenates skin relief and increases skin density
-also has a great anti-aging effect  

How does the treatment work?
The application of PB Serum itself is only slightly painful and takes approximately 15 minutes, but this depends on the size of the area to be treated. The treatment is always preceded by a consultation with the doctor, who will assess the condition of the treated areas and then suggest the most suitable combination of PB Serum. The results will appear within 2 weeks after the treatment, however, in some cases the procedure needs to be repeated several times to achieve the optimal result. Further treatments can be undergone approximately 3 weeks after the first treatment.

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