PROFHILO ® is an exceptional birevitalizing product with the highest concentration of the highest quality hyaluronic acid on the market (3,2% - 64mg/2ml), which visibly hydrates the skin, improves its firmness and elasticity, promotes collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin and adipose tissue, provides the skin with the necessary nourishment, thus filling it in the areas where it is desirable. It also improves skin tone and brightness.

PROFHILO ® does not contain any added chemicals, which makes it suitable for people suffering from allergies and does not cause allergic reactions.

Who is PROFHILO ® for?
PROFHILO ® is suitable for both women and men. During the process of natural skin aging, wrinkles, lines and sagging of the skin occur, skin hydration decreases, elastin and collagen fibers in the dermis are altered and skin firmness and tone are lost. Over time, even expensive creams no longer work.

How many treatments are required?
We recommend 2 treatments 30 days apart. However, the number of treatments is individual and depends on the client's skin type and degree of skin aging.

How does the PROFHILO ® application work?
PROFHILO ® is applied by a 5-point injection technique to the bioactive lifting points on the face and neck. Using a very fine needle, the substance is injected into the skin with 5 punctures on each side of the face, which amounts to only 10 punctures in the face or neck, and the skin comes back to life.
The application itself is almost completely painless.

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