Removal of xanthelasma

Xanthelasmas are yellowish formations of a fatty nature that form around the eyelids. The cause of their formation at an older age is genetics, but the culprit for the accumulation of fat in this form can also be a disorder of fat metabolism, which needs to be addressed professionally. Xanthelasmas, however, do not disappear on their own by stabilizing fat levels. We will remove the deposit of deposited fat in our surgical office. You do not have to worry about the procedure. An experienced plastic surgeon will perform it after numbing you with local anesthesia. The removal of xanthelasia is preceded by a consultation, which must be arranged before the actual surgical procedure. In case you suffer from a bleeding disorder, we recommend a consultation with your doctor first.

What is the course of the operation?
You don't have to worry about the surgery. It is performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis by our experienced surgeon. Through a simple surgical incision, the xanthelasma is removed and then sutured. After a week, we will check the wound in our surgical outpatient clinic and then remove the stitches.

What are the contraindications?

  • Active herpes
  • Pregnancy
  • pathological healing
  • inflammatory diseases, treatment with Roaccutan,
  • suspected malignant skin tumour

    Gentle swelling of the eye will mostly disappear within 1 week, however, it is advisable to avoid excessive physical activity.
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