VelaShape III

Is VelaShape III finally an effective device for non-invasive liposuction and cellulite removal?
VelaShape III is the newest FDA-approved device as a non-invasive technology for cellulite reduction, abdominal and hip circumference reduction, and overall skin firming. VelaShape III reduces the circumference of the thighs, smooths the hips, multiplies the effect after liposuction, shapes the buttocks, firms the abdomen and other areas. The result is more beautiful body contours and firmer skin that makes you feel better and younger. The VelaShape III device is also suitable for sagging skin anywhere on the body, such as after pregnancy or rapid weight loss.

What is non-invasive liposuction?
Non-invasive liposuction is a procedure that takes place without the use of needles or cutting the skin and anesthesia. That is, without direct intervention into your body.

So what is the principle on which the device works?
VelaShape III combines 3 effective technologies to fight cellulite, reduce circumference and firm the skin overall: bipolar radiofrequency, infrared radiation and vacuum massage. The synergistic action of these technologies results in intensive heating of fat cells stored deep in the subcutaneous tissue, improving blood circulation and increasing cellular metabolism, resulting in a reduction of fat cells, an overall loss of locally bound fat and the elimination of cellulite. While infrared light intensely heats tissues to a depth of 3 mm, bipolar radiofrequency penetrates to a depth of 20 mm. The use of vacuum brings the skin closer to the massage head, which has a positive effect on the precise and efficient delivery of energy to the treated tissues. The simultaneous action of infrared energy and radiofrequency increases blood flow in the tissues, stimulates fibroblast activation, increases fat cell metabolism and improves skin texture. A hyperthermic effect is produced, lipolysis occurs and fat cells break down. Vacuum massage multiplies metabolic activity, improves lymphatic circulation and reduces the viscosity of fat cell clusters. Vacuum also promotes the dilation of blood vessels and releases oxygen and nutrients. At the same time, it allows even heating at different tissue depths.

Is the treatment painful
The treatment is not painful at all. It can be compared to a warming massage.
The localized area is rubbed with a special patented gel and the subcutaneous tissues are heated by regular movements of the device's massage head. The device is designed to adapt to your sensitivity and comfort level. The length of the treatment depends on the area being treated, but most often ranges from 30 to 60 minutes. We recommend 3 to 6 treatments of a given area, at two-week intervals, which of course depends on your requirements and the degree of cellulite. However, you may see a change after just two treatments.

Thanks to this treatment, you can now beautify your body in a few days, without dieting and starving. This device will remove exactly those stubborn areas of fat pads that bother you the most, and which you may have already tried to remove with various massages, creams or exercise.

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