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Injected Lipolysis - Aqualyx - the global standard for correction of local fat deposits

men/women, 20-30, 35-50, 40+

Injection Lipolysis - Aqualyx - the global standard for correction of local fat deposits


What is Aqualyx?


This is a method of intralipotherapy using Aqualyx, a new non-surgical technique for correcting local fat deposits. Aqualyx is unique because it is safe, biologically compatible and fully absorbent. It contains chemically modified sodium deoxycholate, which is a natural metabolite. It is the only injectable solution capable of selectively and gradually reducing the volume of local fat without damaging muscle tissue and surface layers of the skin. It acts only where it is administered, without any toxic effect on the body.


Where can it be applied?


  • Upper limbs

  • Fat deposits in folds on the back

  • Abdomen and hips

  • Outer and inner thighs

  • Inner side of the knee

  • Double chin

  • Gynecomastia

  • Neck


How does the treatment work?


A doctor first plots the administration area on a standing patient’s body, followed by subcutaneous injection of the substance itself. After administration, the patient lies still for 2 minutes. Aqualyx is diluted with 2% Lidocaine to reduce pain during the procedure and for maximum patient comfort.


How often does the treatment need to be repeated?


The number of sessions is not limited. For optimum results, it is recommended to repeat the session 2 to 4 times. The minimum interval between 2 injections is 20 days.


What does the doctor recommend after the procedure?


Patients may experience burning, itching, warmth and/or redness at the injection site immediately after the procedure. Wearing elastic compression garments with a pressure of 12 mm Hg significantly improves the condition after treatment. It is recommended to start wearing them immediately after Aqualyx is injected and to continue wearing them for 2-7 days. After the procedure, the patient should not expose the treated area to direct heat (sunlight, sauna, hot bath, etc.) for 10-14 days.


For whom is the technique not appropriate?


The procedure should be avoided by pregnant and nursing women and by anyone with a local or systemic infection at the time of treatment, blood clotting disorders, autoimmune diseases, circulatory disorders in the limbs, chronic or acute liver disease, obesity (BMI greater than 30), type 1 diabetes, decompensated type 2 diabetes, heart disease or is allergic to Lidocaine.

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