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INNO-TDS HAIR LOSS CONTROL Reduction Mesotherapy

men/women 20-30, 35-50, 40+

INNO-TDS HAIR LOSS CONTROL Reduction Mesotherapy


Soy lecithin enriched with phosphatidylcholine is used to minimize local fat deposits. It increases the flexibility and permeability of fat cell membranes, helping to eliminate the fat element. This is due to its strong solubility in converting solid fat in fat cells into watery fat or an oily water solution that is easily metabolized.


What are the indications?


  • Local fat deposits

  • Cellulitis


Where can the product be administered?


  • Hips

  • Thighs

  • Abdomen


How does the procedure work?


Your doctor will first weigh you and measure the circumference of the site to be treated. Realistic goals and the number of sessions required to achieve them will be determined or you will receive a recommendation about combining it with another procedure to achieve the best results. The minimum number of sessions is 4, and the procedure is repeated once every 45 days. The solution will be injected at the site to be treated to a depth of 10 millimeters.


75.00 EUR

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