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Mechanical Cleansing of Skin

men/women 13-19, 20-30, 35-50

Mechanical deep cleansing - the best solution for your skin...


Have you decided to give your skin a deep cleansing? Are you struggling with inflammation and acne?


A clean and smooth skin is the dream of every woman. Large pores and blackheads cannot be removed
with just a cosmetic product. They only have an astringent effect and do not remove blackheads.


If there are visible signs of inflammation and acne, the inner layers of the skin need to be cleaned. Mechanical cleansing is the only way to clean deep pores of dirt that has built up. The mechanical cleansing procedure requires
a professional approach from an experienced cosmetician.


Cleansing is available to clients with mixed or oily skin and who are being treated for acne, in cooperation
with a dermatologist. Intervals between treatments depend on the skin’s condition.




a cosmetician first washes off any makeup and cleans the skin’s surface. Then the skin itself is cleansed, where the method chosen is based on the scope of cleaning. To facilitate removal of blackheads, the skin is softened with special softeners. After the skin is cleaned, it is disinfected and an astringent facial mask is applied.




  • very dry skin

  • high blood pressure

  • couperosis



40.00 EUR

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