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men/women, 35-50, 40+, 50+

MEDER LIPO OVAL is a noninvasive procedure for correcting subcutaneous fat on the face.




  • Fat pads on the face

  • double-chin

  • gravitational ptosis of the lower and middle parts of the face caused by being overweight




Lipo-Oval is a new noninvasive corrective procedure from Meder Beauty Science (2013).

This procedure was produced in 2009-12 by Tiina Orasmae-Meder and biochemists at a Swiss laboratory. To reduce the volume of fat pads on the face, active lipolytic ingredients in the Lipo-Oval active concentrate and occlusive mask are used.


These lipolytic ingredients penetrate through the use of Meder Beauty Science’s unique three-stage protocol for preparing the skin.




  • Reduced volume of fat pads on the face

  • softer facial features

  • more expressive oval face lines

  • improved skin tone

  • increase tone in the tissues that form the face oval

  • moisturizing and whitening efficacy

  • balancing of skin color and texture




45-60 minutes




  • 5 procedures for normal weight and overweight

  • 10 procedures for obese (BMI above 30) 

  • The interval between treatments is 3-7 days





1. Demaquillant Energisant Energy Cleanser

Removes makeup, cleans and lightly exfoliates the skin

Contains sweet almond oil, Bacillus ferment with strong keratolytic efficacy, vitamin B3 (niacinamide), methyl nicotinate and vitamin E


2. Enzyme Facial Mask

For mild exfoliating and cleansing of the skin and to prepare sites for administration of active ingredients

Contains Shi-aloe oil to provide a protective membrane, preserving and nourishing efficacy, Vitamin E and Bacillus enzyme, which balances the skin surface, reduces wrinkles and prepares the skin for administration of active ingredients


3. Antioxidant Serum

Face lotion designed to prepare the skin for administering wrinkle correction concentrate. It has a soothing and moisturizing effect, contributing to oxygenation of the skin and strengthening of tissue metabolism

Contains extracts from bilberry fruits and leaves, sugar cane, lemon citron, red Valencia oranges, sugar maple leaves, Barbados aloe as well as vitamin B3 (niacinamide) and magnesium compounds


4. Lipo-Oval Concentrate

Corrects fat pads on the face and is applied topically around the second chin, lower and central part of the face and after completion of global skin preparation

Key ingredients: Vitamin B3 (niacinamide), Calmosensine and caffeine - promotes lipolysis in adipocytes because it is an AMP phosphodiesterase inhibitor. It reduces lipogenesis activity by inhibiting lipoprotein lipase expression, prevents the transport of glucose to adipocytes and facilitates rapid and distinct reduction in fat cells, while improving skin quality. Lipase - an enzyme that decomposes fats and helps reduce the amount of fat tissue. Adenosine phosphate - an energy substrate that helps reduce the amount of fat tissue


5. Lipo-Oval Mask

Improves penetration of Lipo-Oval Concentrate, amplifies the dissolution of fat and has an active lifting effect. A bonded supersaturated gel is used as the base

Key ingredients: root extracts from Dioscorea opposita and Pueraria mirifica, extracts from Asiatic pennywort and papaya, lactic acid bacteria enzymes, Skinasensyl, hyaluronic acid and glycerin6. Final Su-Creme - Derma-Fill Cream emulsion designed for deep skin moisturizing to fill small wrinkles, restore skin hydration and balance water and salt in the skin


Key ingredients: hyaluronic acid, seaweed extract

65.00 EUR

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