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Pigment Spots

women 20-30, 35-50, 40+

Pigmentation disorders - pigment spots


Pigmentation disorders are caused by either a lack of pigmentsor an excess of them. They can be general or localized, congenital or acquired.


Why does pigmentation ever occur at all?


The amount of melanin in the skin and hyperpigmentation is influenced by several factors. The basic premise is a genetic predisposition and skin phototype, which are affected by several factors: UV radiation, hormones - estrogen, progesterone (pregnancy, hormonal contraceptives), melanocytes stimulating the MSH hormone (nervous system), inflammatory processes and other diseases.


There are options for treating pigment spots:
We always take an individual approach regarding the diagnosis and type of pigment spots. Therefore, you should consult with a dermatologist before starting therapy. Desired results are often achieved through a combination of several methods. The ideal time for treatment is in autumn and winter.

Whitening - depigmentation creams + UV protection (SPF 50+ lotions)

Chemical peels




Fractional micro-needle therapy

Fractional resurfacing using a CO2 laser


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