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What is plasmolifting?


Plasmolifting, also called “vampire” lifting, is a relatively new, effective procedure in the group of revitalizing treatments involving injections. It starts a process of natural rejuvenation of the skin, restoring it to full functional capability. This is a very safe procedure that produces no allergic reactions and has no adverse effects.


How does this procedure work?


After a patient’s blood has been drawn and enriched using a special centrifuge, autologous conditioned plasma rich in platelets is then administered into the target area using an appropriate mesotherapy technique. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) can be called "the elixir of youth". It contains high concentrations of growth factors, proteins and vitamins that stimulate regenerative processes and increases oxygenation of tissues.


What are the benefits of plasmolifting?


  • Improved skin color and relief

  • Reduced facial wrinkles

  • Better skin hydration and nutrition

  • Elimination of acne and post acne

  • Increased skin elasticity and turgorInhibition of agingImproved microcirculation and skin metabolism

  • Faster rehabilitation of the skin after other aesthetic medicine procedures

  • Strengthening of hair growth with no more hair loss


What other treatments can be combined with plasmolifting?


  • Laser treatments

  • Chemical peel

  • Hyaluronic acid filling

  • Thread lift

  • Preparation for plastic surgery and rehabilitation after it has been completed

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