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Skin Perfusion by Filorga - wrinkle correction

men/women 35-50, 40+

Skin Perfusion by Filorga - wrinkle correction


Exclusive cosmetic treatment for skin at the first signs of aging


VTurn back time and indulge your skin with treatment to combat the first signs of aging. Anti-wrinkle mask and serum act on signs of slack skin to restore contour and volume to your face. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for a youthful appearance. Anti-wrinkle serum provides maximum moisturizing of dry and dehydrated skin to restore its density and fullness. This treatment both fills skin with beneficial water and nourishes deep layers with collagen in an anti-aging effect. Your skin will be visibly rejuvenated and you will feel like you had a gentle lifting.


More information Medicine in the service of beauty. This is the motto of Filorga, exclusive French cosmetics that have been for more than 35 years in the forefront of aesthetic medicine in more than 60 countries around the world. Skin Perfusion includes extra high concentrations of active ingredients which can be combined with each other, layered and used effectively with other methods of aesthetic medicine. The Skin Perfusion unified concept for professional and home use allows effective therapy with a guarantee of a long and spectacular outcome.

65.00 EUR

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