Ozone therapy

Does problematic acne-prone skin, dandruff or oily skin boost your self-confidence?
At Dermarevolt we will be happy to help you with this, using a high-frequency device called the Ozonizer, which is also one of the most effective devices in cosmetics. This device is used after mechanical or other skin cleansing, after which it tightens the pores. It also has broad-spectrum effects:  

  • deeply cleanses the skin
  • removes grease
  • blood circulates and renegenerates
  • helps fight acne
  • skin ageing
  • removes scars
  • helps with the problem of hair loss, but also with dandruff
  • helps with headaches and insomnia
  • used for eczema and psoriasis

How does the ozoniser work?
Ozonizer is a special high-frequency device with glass tubes - electrodes. Using alternating direct current, the device affects the nerve endings in the body, improving blood circulation and producing ozone, which has disinfectant and healing effects. The heat generated subsequently produces a relaxing and soothing effect.  

Don't bother your skin with self-medication anymore and give ozone therapy a chance under the professional guidance of our skilled cosmetology expert.

Dermarevolta is at your service.