Dermatological examination

What can I expect from a dermatological examination at Dermarevolt? 

Many skin diseases are diagnosed by their typical appearance. Experience is key in the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, and you can count on us without a doubt. And also on the thoroughness of our experts, who leave nothing to chance. The skin is also in many cases a mirror of our internal organs, through which we report if something is wrong with them. Therefore, our doctors reserve enough time for a dermatological examination to ensure that the recommended treatment does not only superficially help you to eliminate the visible problem and the discomfort associated with it. The examination is comprehensive and at Dermarevolt you can be sure that we will do everything possible to find out the real cause of your difficulties. So be prepared for questions about your medical history, previous examinations, other, possibly related symptoms, but also about your lifestyle and habits. 

Is it possible to have further tests or scrapings if necessary? 

Of course. In many cases, laboratory results are always indicative for accurate diagnosis and further adjustment of effective treatment. You don't have to go anywhere else. Samples are taken by us and sent to a qualified facility. As soon as we get our hands on the results, we will inform you of the next course of action. 

Do you test for allergies? 

At Dermarevolt it is possible to undergo tests to detect the culprit of contact allergy. These are painless epicutaneous tests in the form of patches containing substances that can cause itching, redness or rashes on contact with the skin. 

Food allergy tests cannot be performed here. It is necessary to make an appointment at the allergist's outpatient clinic.

Phototherapy is a trend in the treatment of psoriasis, various forms of eczema, as well as alopecia areata and vitiligo. It is a therapy, alleviating the manifestations of specific skin diseases by the action of ultraviolet light UVB, PUVA, of different wavelengths. 

At the clinic we have a high-tech cabin radiator and also light rods in the form of a "comb" for precise targeting of harder to reach places on the body.

Can I make an appointment directly for phototherapy or do I need an examination?
Consultation with a dermatologist is necessary to determine an individual treatment plan and the exact schedule of phototherapy doses, the success of which also depends on their regularity. It is not a problem to start them immediately after the examination. 

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