Examination of moles

Moles examination in Dermarevolt
Did you know that skin cancer is the only visible one? Up to 3 million benign cases and more than 132 thousand dangerous malignant skin melanomas are diagnosed worldwide in just one year. Monitoring even the smallest changes that happen to your moles is extremely important for their early detection. Dangerous ones can appear in you too. Prevention by regular screening with a dermatologist at least once a year is the least you can do for yourself in this regard. Risky and atypical moles need to be professionally checked every three months.

Are you really going to check all my moles?
Our clinic offers you an oncodermatological examination with a handheld dermatoscope, as well as the possibility of examining detailed changes of suspicious moles with a state-of-the-art digital dermatoscope. We take the time to carefully inspect the moles on your entire body in one comprehensive examination.

Why a digital dermatoscope?
Digital dermatoscopy helps to catch early forms of skin cancer. It detects even the smallest changes that we might miss when examining with a handheld dermatoscope. The mole can be magnified up to 200 times. The images are archived. This allows changes in size, colour and shape to be tracked over time. With regular check-ups, the doctor can determine if the mole has malignant potential. Checking moles with a digital dermatoscope is especially important for patients with multiple and dysplastic melanocytic nevi with a lifelong risk of malignant melanoma. Should we come across an equivocal finding, with a simple click we can send the image of the nevus to fellow dermatologists worldwide.

Did the inspection reveal suspicious moles?
If we detect a risky lesion during a mole check, you don't have to go anywhere else. We offer you the option of surgical removal followed by a histological examination directly at our clinic, which is an important point of reassurance about your health. Of course, we will also remove moles at your request, without prior examination by a dermatologist, for aesthetic reasons, for example.

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